Hi! Back from a LONG hiatus of tumblr. Since then you can imagine I’ve listened to many, MANY more hours of music. To kickstart this return I’ve decided on showcasing this duo, or as they like to call themselves, a club. They are the One Day Remix Club, their main goal is, as their name implies, to limit themselves to only 24 hours to remix a song and remix it well. The track here is their remix of Lauren Aquilina’s song Fools. The original is already quite phenomenal, so when coming across this I was intrigued to see how they would do it. From the moment I pressed play my mind was blown and my heart was stolen, away with the music. The heavy atmosphere and ranging low frequencies linger over Lauren’s amazing voice and minimal clicks, hits, and claps. As soon as it gets to the first sequence, around 45 seconds, I was more than in love. It felt as if the music were taking snapshots of human emotion and past and translating it for the ears and heart.

Check this song out, you just might keep it on repeat for weeks.

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Anonymous: Love the Blog, nicely done!! Great find with Trunkz. Keep it up.

Thanks anon! His unique sound really does show. I love it.*

*Anon’s referring to my semi awesomeish music blog by the way.

If you know any unique, “underground”, or just plain out awesome music, submit it here. I’ll probably blog it. :)

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Trunkz describes this track, titled Ichor, as “Music For The Gods”. Must be Ancient Greek Gods as this whole track has the feel of a Plato dialogue, in full stereo sound.

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Every week I will start doing 2 spotlight artists, one on Mondays and another on Fridays, showcasing a few of their songs.

Today’s Spotlight Artist is Canadian, Justin Kilb, who goes by the name Trunkz on Soundcloud. It seems he started putting his music out about 4 months ago, but has already gotten attention from multiple dj’s as well as getting a promo on Dubstep.net for his track "Ichor".

This remix of Comptine D’un Autre ete by Yann Tiersen is genrized as Piano Le Dubstep, and it certainly is done right. The perfect mix of a calm, almost saddening feel of piano arpeggios and melodic statements of most piano music, and the slight bass, half time drops, and sound effects of dubstep. It really is innovative and truly epic. The cool thing is that he didn’t sample anything from the original, he re-recorded everything, including the piano.

Check him out on Facebook as well as his Soundcloud and give him a shout.

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Cascading melodic work entices the listen from the very beginning, drawing them into the rich sonic environment of Tyler Clark’s new track “Falter”. Carefully measured and delicately crafted, each note is positioned ever-so-perfectly to create an ideal sense of balance that is absolutely torn to shreds by the powerful, mechanically enhanced drop. Do not fear, and never falter, Tyler Clark is here to stay with his extraordinarily versatile EDM compositions.

Follow Tyler Clark:
SC: http://soundcloud.com/tylerclarkofficial

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Cody Alan and Wildkat pulled out all the sexy feels for this track, Easy Tiger. The groove in the percussion, whiny synths, vibrating bass and leads, accompanied with the…nicely sampled…moans(heh) really make this IDM track a great listen.

Cody Alan is an artist to look out for, spanning the country coming from San Fran and landing in the heart of NY City. Rockin the clubs with his Hip-Hop, downtempo, and IDM styled tracks he really puts a new feel in music overall.

On his forthcoming EP, “Gossamer”, featuring Wildkat, he really sets the score with the way he combines the Hip-Hop feel and IDM.

Look for him on Soundcloud or Facebook for his music and hit him up on Twitter.

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Introducing Soundsizer from Montélimar in France.

This track features a great mix of melodic elements and dirty synths and bass. His use of keys and pads seamlessly flow with the Leads at the drop.

Follow Soundsizer:
SC: http://soundcloud.com/soundsizer

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"A cover me and my friend Joelly(jelly) did of a nevershoutnever song, just for fun"

I know they aren’t nevershoutnever but they’re the closest thing I know to them :)

Check Sam’s sounds out - http://soundcloud.com/sam-aaron-taylord

Joelly….she doesn’t have a soundcloud but she needs one ;)

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a favorite by my man childish gambino.

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Find #Unknown On Facebook Here: https://www.facebook.com/unknownuntitled

Bruises by White Blood is an amazing IDM track with intricate uses of vocal samples and drum beats. After listening to it one time, you’re going to want to listen to it over and over, trying to catch each little blip or vocal, putting the whole song together in your head. It really is more of a work of art than a song.

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